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Zara is a really excellent choice for a Kilimanjaro climb or Safari. Everything was very well organized, from pickup at the airport to the stay at the hotel to the climb and safari. The Springlands Hotel is definitely an excellent place to stay before the climb and between the climb and the safari. Milton my guide was the secret of my success in summitting. Although I did the physical part, his trail instruction and strategy allowed an older (62) but fit person such as myself to succeed. We started early the final night and he fit his pace to my needs. We summited at the same time as the others. There were no older hikers at Uhuru point that morning. I am from Ohio USA, so I had little experience at high altitude. Milton knew exactly what to tell me to do during the first few days to make up for my lack of trail experience. He was very very good.

E. Quinn
Ohio USA
(Machame Route - Safari Package #1 - August 19, 2007)

The Kili climb portion of my trip far exceeded my expectations, with excellent service provided by my guide, Eliawoni Mtui, assistant guide, Stephen Ruwaichi Mtui, cook, Fretien, and the rest of our group. I would highly recommend Elia, Stephen, Fretien and the rest of the group put together by Elia to anyone considering a climb with Zara tours. Simply put, Elia and Stephen were superb guides and Fretien was an excellent cook. Because of their efforts, my climb was a wonderful experience. Please pass along my sincere thank you to Elia, Stephen, Fretien and the rest of the group.

I would also like to note that the staff at the Springlands hotel provided excellent service, in particular the reception staff and Neema from the dining staff. The hotel accommodations and service also exceeded my expectations.

Thank you.
Kirsten, from Vancouver Canada
(Rongai Route - Feb. 18 to 24, 2007) and Safari (Feb. 25 to Mar 1, 2007).

I am very appreciative of everyone at Zara Tours and especially yourself for all the arrangements that made my trip to Kilimanjaro and Serengati Safari a memorable one. You guys had to do a lot in order to made my trip to Tanzania and Kenya a memorable one. If I come across anyone who wishes to explore those countries, I will highly recommend you and Zara Tours to them.

My very best regards to all of you at Zara Tours!

My best Regards!
Mostafa A.

My girlfriend and I recently climbed the Machame Route. We felt that it was important to give some of our feedback to you on the trip, our guide, porters, and experience as a whole.

Client name: David Hill and Lynette Bell
Guides name: Milton Mtui
Agent: Destination Africa
Dates: 1 June 2006 to 6 June 2006

General comments: I would like to highly commend Milton (guide), Lamec (assistant guide) and the rest of the porters for a job well done. Everything that was done by their team was nothing short of exceptional and my girlfriend and high only have praise for them. In particular:

- The food was tasty, diverse, always hot, always on time, and always served with the biggest smile. My girlfriend, being vegetarian, was particularly impressed with the special catering that was done for her. The food and service was far superior to that provided by Springlands.

- Technical knowledge of the mountain: Milton and Lamec planned everything to perfection. The pace of the walk, rest breaks, ascent and descent time were all perfect. Milton’s methodical approach to the route seemed far superior to that of other guides we saw. This showed, especially on the final ascent. At no time did we feel that our safety and security were being jeopardised. In addition, the interesting facts and figures provided about the mountain, fauna, and flora were appreciated.

- Porters: All the porters carried packs quickly and without any fuss. There was always a friendly smile waiting when we got to camp.

- Sleeping and eating facilities were excellent and always ready prior to our arrival at camp.

We can truly say that Milton and his team made the experience even more special than what it is. We have recommended the use of Zara again, and if at all possible, specifically recommend the use of Milton and his team (depending on their availability) to our friends when they climb in 2007 and 2008. We would appreciate it if you could pass our comments and praise on to Milton and the respective porters. They truly are an asset to your company.

Other general comments:

- Tips were provided via the guide;
- We did not notice any maltreatment of guides or porters on the mountain, although the porters in some teams could have been dressed a bit warmer. It may be a thought to provide a warm Zara labelled outer shell (AND gloves) to guides and porters that perform well and get positive feedback from clients. This then acts as a reward for those teams and also acts as advertising for Zara.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. We will, without a doubt, be back. Please feel free to contact me via email should you have any questions or require further explanation regarding this feedback.

Kind regards
David Hill

Dear Bridget,
Thank you for your email received.
Thank you so much for the comments and information and we also appreciate you for coming to TANZANIA. You are most welcome again and you can tell your friend and family about Zara!
Thank you again for choosing Zara to experience great adventure in Tanzania.

Zainab A. Ansell
Summitted February 20, 2006

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to Bruce and the team for leading the trip up Kilimanjaro last week. It was a truly fantastic experience - particularly want to thank Bruce, Jeremiah, and Farajah - we felt very safe and very much supported by them and team. A great week.

Bridget A Bentley
Summitted February 20, 2006

I would like to thank you and Zara for the very good organisation of the Kilimanjaro climb and the safari. Everything was perfect and we had a very good time! The guides, the porters, the people at Springlands hotel - everybody was really nice to us!! You can count on us to make a lot of good publicity for Zara among our friends who intend to go to Tanzania. Once again thank you very much for everything.

Nicole and Pascal S.
Marangu Route
Summitted October 9, 2004

We’re just back from the [Machame] trek and all 7 of us made it to the top which was great. Our guides Masoud, Ali & Adam were exceptional, along with all the porter staff. We were all really glad we choose to do the route over 7 days. I think this was one of the main reasons why we all made it to the summit. It relly helps with the acclimatization. Also if the trek is done over 6 days it makes for a very long 5th day, which we were able to divide over two days. We finished up the 3-day [Mt. Meru] trek here which was also fantastic. We got to experience 3 different national parks all with their own character which was great. The wildlife was abundant and the guide James was excellent. Very informative and helpful. I’d highly recommend your service. Thanks again.

Fergal C.
Seattle, Washington
Machame Route
Summitted October 11, 2004

I just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely brilliant trip. Zara and the staff at Springlands were fantastic. It was really well-organised and professional and our guides and porters on the Kili trek were amazing (and all three of us made it to Uhuru!). I’ve already recommended Zara to a friend, Katherine, who has also now booked her safari and trek. Thank you very much for all your help. I would definitely recommend the Rongai Route to others, particularly with the extra day because it allows you to see the mountain from so many angles, including Mawenzi. I don’t think you get to see Mawenzi so close on any other routes, which I think is a shame. It’s also nice to walk along a barely used track, rather than the proper paths that you get on the marangu route (although I was surprised at how pretty the Marangu Route was when we came down it). Four days was about right for the safari. I suppose there was quite a lot of driving, particularly on the last day, but it was definitely worth it. I would highly recommend going to Ngorongoro Crater in particular. We were very impressed with the standard of the accommodation and the food at all three [standard] lodges - and the views were amazing.

Laura C.
London, England
Rongai Route
Summitted September 6, 2004

Thought I would give you a brief report. The arrangements you made were all perfect and worked spendidly. Our group of 6 all made it to Uhuru. Zara operates very efficiently. I would be glad to serve as a reference for you in the future.

All the best,
Jay C.
Washington D.C.
Machame Route
Summitted August 10, 2004

JAMBO! ASANTE SANA! Thank you for the good organisation of your travel agency and for your nice ,welcoming, smiling and competent people in Springlands Hotel and during the climb on the Rongai trail. My trip on the Roof of Africa was a success. That was a dream for me, and you helped me to realize it. That will be an unforgettable day and a wonderful first travel for me.

Club Alpin Francais
Rongai Route
Summitted July 29, 2004

Back from Tanzania! The trip was great, I really had a good time enjoying it all. I surely recommend the Machmae route, for those who are looking for something more challenging, and of course the reward is also there in the end: you feel like you really deserve the beatifull sun rise. The guides, the friendly personnel, Kibo (that was tough, but I did it, the Machame route), Zanzibar (great diving!!), I will keep the best memories of it, and of course, will recomend!!

Miguel G.
Machame Route
Summitted July 19, 2004

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the trip of a lifetime. My husband, brother, and myself summitted Uhuru Peak on July 17th, 2004, at about 8:15 a.m. Our guides Frankie and Rumesha (Rumy) were the absolute best. They are wonderful young men - funny, strong and patient. I would urge anybody to ask for them by name. Richard was an excellent cook, Costa helped us a lot with everything, and the porters were fantastic. I appreciate the recommendation for the Rongai route - it was very interesting and the pace was just fine. I would absolutely recommend the Rongai route to others. Here’s why: the van ride there was fascinating - long and bumpy but an opportunity to see a part of Africa near the Kenyan border (the banana markets!) than we wouldn’t see any other way. The actual hike - the days leading up to Kibo Hut, was pretty easy. All three of us felt the extra day was critical to our success; we had the chance to acclimate comfortably. I had trouble with altitude on day 3 but had time to recover and still summitted Uhuru Peak. The ascent from Kibo Hut is probably hard no matter what route you took to get there, so it’s better if you aren’t as fatigued because you need every ounce of energy for the final push. I’m also quite certain Rongai was less crowded, which was a real plus, and we still got to walk down the main route and see all the plants and climate changes on the Marangu side. Once I saw the huts, by the way, I was very happy with my tent camping. After a day of rest we did a four day safari. Our driver/guide was Hamzaa, and he was great. knows all of the animals everywhere - I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge. He also has incredible eyesight and an uncanny sense of what’s going on with the animals. He knows the Serengeti thoroughly and we were able to see everything we wanted to see. The safari in 4 days was fine for me - my husband would have been happy with three days but I loved all four. Hamzaa was such a great guide, I never got bored with it. I liked the permanent tented camps, but I also thought the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge was one of the neatest places I’ve ever stayed. The view was breathtaking and the lodge itself very nice. I think I was so tired after the mountain camping that I liked the lodge setting as contrast. We felt well cared-for at the Springlands Hotel. Zainab, Remmy, Patience, Immanuel, and especially Laurence made all our time there wonderful. I really was incredibly impressed with Zara Travel and consider my stay in Africa the trip of a lifetime. I would wholeheartedly recommend Zara to anybody who wants to see Tanzania.

Katherine F.
Rongai Route
Summitted July 17, 2004

Had a wonderful time!!! Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful experience with all the accomodations, trip, and people at the Springlands Hotel!! All whom we met were gracious, patient and very welcoming!! Patience and Remmy and Lawrence were exceptional! We were delighted with the care we received on both trips! Kareem took exceptional care of us on the trek and we didn’t expect the bowl of warm water for cleaning up after our trek and every am. Just the little touches were lovely. We never expected that we would be soooo dirty during the trek and safari....that is something to let people know....our little washups we took just took off the first layer of dirt....we got used to it...We also took alot of baggies to take out all the tissues etc. that we used...I don’t remember that that was mentioned at our orientation for the trek...but would encourage Zara to ask everyone to trek out their toilet paper etc. Of course, Kareem and the guys carried all our recycleables out for us. I made it almost up to Stella Point then decided I didn’t have the energy to go all the way...could have probably if I had eaten more and warmed up a dash..next time! Geri and Photo made it all the way and I am delighted for them!! Geri took Diamox all the way and I just took 120 mg. of Ginko daily and had no problems with the altitude other than a slight headache twice...could have been from sleeping crooked too? Geri had some side effects of tingleing fingers and little naseau feeling. For those who haven’t had any problems with altitude in the past I would rec. the Ginko. The research I read didn’t know why it worked but it must have helped me... The safari was also a trip of a lifetime! It was actually very nice to just have the two of us as we had lots of space on the rover...touring the parks and viewing animal unencombered by many others. The lodges were great...especially the Seronera on the Serengeti!! and we did like the Lake Manyara lodge too. The Ngorongoro Lodge was cool and didn’t have the ambiance of the Seronera but it was fine. Our guide Mzava was knowledgeable about the animals, where to look etc. and he was an excellent driver! The drive up out of the crater was scary and we didn’t have any warning...might me helpful to let people know what they are in for... Thanks for answering all our emails with our questions!

Barbara M.
Rongai Route
Summitted July 7, 2004

Just a quick note to thank you and your people for making my Mt. Kilimanjaro climb such a rewarding adventure. The hospitality of all the people at Springlands really made our before and after days a relaxing experience. Special thanks to Remy, Patience, and the magic hands of Janice [the massage therapist]. I will be sure to recommend Zara to friends who plan on climbing, and I might even see you again someday. With kindest regards,


Just to say that everything was okay. Finally, we climbed 5 of us to the summit. We had Bryson and Regynald as guides, and they made an excellent job taking us to the summit, explaining flora, animals, all about the route, and answering any questions that we had. They were just great. In the safari all was really good, and we had very nice moments and saw all the possible animals there.

J. Gomez
Rongai Route
Summitted March 15, 2004

I wanted to say thanks for all of your help on our recent trip to Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater. It was a good trip and we got 6 of the 8 to the top. I appreciated all of your help, and I was happy with the Springlands Hotel, Zara Travel, and the guides.

Darsie Culbeck
Alaska Mountain Guides International Inc.
Machame Route - Summitted March 1, 2004

First the Springlands Hotel was a very good choice for the day before and after the trip. It was exactly where I wanted to stay. Your information at your homepage gaves me a good forecast. That’s why my expectations where full achieved. Second our guide was Mr. Dickson Elirehema from Marangu. I wonder that I couldn’t found any information at your homepage about him. I think he is worth it. Dickson was sometimes a quiet man but he has choosen a very good and professional team to support the five guests in our group. It seems he has a high level of knowledge of human nature. Because of the different characters of the guests Dickson tried always to find a balance between the different interests in the group. While the members of our group had a rest in their tents after our walks Dickson did his work in the backround. He did his responsible decisions in connection with the healthy situation of the guests, the variable weather conditions and the given time frame. I personally was very impressed about the professional solution he made in a very short time to save the health of one Danish member of our group. Dickson as the first guide, Milton and Simon as the second guide worked really as a professional team. Of course they did their job, but they did it very well. You can be glad to have such men under contract. Thank you for organizing the Kilimanjaro trip just in the way I expected. If anyone of my friends will go to Kilimanjaro I will advise them to go with Zara.

Machame Route
Summitted February 29, 2004

I wanted to thank Zara for an increadible trip that was far more than my father and I expected. Our guide Felix and his crew on Kilimanjaro payed extreme attention to detail resulting in a great trip that was far from roughing it. They left nothing to be desired. Godfrey and his crew on the safari did an equally great job. The hotel was very comfortable with an exceptional staff. Thanks again for a great trip and I look forward to returning soon.

Chris F.
Estes Park, CO
Machame Route
Summited February 2, 2004

Returned Saturday, February 7, 2004 from the 6-day Marangu Trip and a 2-day Safari. I just wanted to say thank you for your help, and to let you know we (my son and I) had a great time! Unfortunately my son came down with altitude sickness at the Kibo Hut, but I was able to reach Uhuru Peak. I’d also like to give special praise to our guide, Richard and the assistant guide, his brother Dennis. Because of them and the porters, the trip went as smoothly as possible -- and I was able to summit. Our expectations were exceeded at every instance. I wish I could remember the driver’s name who took us on Safari, he also went beyond the expected level of helpfulness. Again, thanks for everything. I will recommend Zara to anyone who is looking for guide/travel service in Kilimanjaro.

Asanate Sana,
Bruce B.
New Jersey
Marangu Route
Summitted February 5, 2004

We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that three out of our four party team made it to Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of ?ole pole?from our guide, Makupa, and his assistant guides, Yohana and Ngowi. They, and the porters, also watched over our one party member who had to remain at Kibo Hut. Accommodations along the route were fine. The Springlands Hotel was an excellent base for us. We also really enjoyed the two days on safari to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater. Thanks to all at Zara Tanzanian Adventures!

Best regards,
Doug & Shannon F.
Marangu Route
Summitted February 4, 2004

First of all my appreciations to the organisation, the hotel and the guides: all are a proof that the outfitter I had choosen out of the many on the web was indeed a reliable company and the price paid for it more than justified. The first comments on Zara were heard in Arusha; off the Davanu shuttle the usual pack of local outfitters, who hearing that we were climbing with Zara all confirmed: "good, very good". Our guides were Bonny (Bonaventura) and Gabriel, very good guys. We had an extra day on the mountain which we used to climb Mawenzi following the North Western Ridge all the way to the top. We slept 2 nights next to the Mawenzi hut, nobody but us on site. Success rate to Mawenzi and Uhuru Peak was 4 out of 5, one of my friends had to go down earlier following the nights at Mawenzi hut because of mountain sickness. The ascent to Uhuru peak was quick, we left Kibo hut at 1.00am and at 6.20 we where at the top, luckily no wind though cloudy, but the sunrise between the two layers of clouds over Mawenzi was superb! To end, Rongai route is a very good choice, recommendable for the great views of Kibo and Mawenzi.

Dario D.
Rongai Route
Summitted January 30, 2004

We had a wonderful experience highlighted by our successful attempt to reach the summit. Our Kili trip started out a bit rough, as our bags did not arrive with us from Mombassa; however, Zara was extremely helpful and instrumental in locating our baggage. We were very happy with our guide, August, and the selected porters for our trip. In fact, I completely credit August with keeping our spirits high and assisting us to the summit.

Bill D.
Chicago, Illinois
Machame Route
January 2004

I just wanted you to know that I had a fantastic trip to Kilimanjaro as was lucky enough to summit Kibo via the Machame route Jan 5, 2004. It was sunrise on Kibo...the sun came up when we were about 500M from the sign. We had the summit mostly to ourselves and what a wonderful view we had! It was a magnificent trip...everyone I met was helpful and the spirit of the crew was outstanding. You might remember that I asked you before the trip how many people might be on my route with Zara and you thought quite a few as it was a popular time. As it turned out it was just me! I had a team of 5 plus me but you know it was great having all the attention! I met quite a few others from other outfits on the trail and at the camps...a few real adventurous groups that were fun to be with. All in all an excellent trip and a very unique exciting part of the world. I am anxious to do it again! The Springlands hotel was terrific and my guide, Godlisten, did a superb job on the trail. I am even thinking about a return trip...perhaps up the Western Breach. I want to thank you for your help as well.I would highly recommend you and ZARA for anyone wishing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! Thanks again!

Bruce N.
7-day Machame Route
Summitted January 5, 2004

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